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Harmony Book

30 Days To Achieve Your Harmony. For Clients, Coaches, & Clinicians.

I Am In Harmony

Harmony Affirmation is designed to help you regain what you lost to live it again. This Affirmation is a Healthy Reminder to get back to your Harmonious Life. So you can create the lifestyle you love.
~ Chady Elias

 Harmony is in you. You Experienced it. Remind yourself of that time. And now Live in Harmony again.

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Elements of Harmony

Experiencing the Reality of Your Imagination

3D Art Book | Paintings & Poems | Chady Elias Artist | Dr. Marie Dezelic Poet
The very first of its kind- this unique compilation brings innovative 3-D Art to life right in your own home. Experience the reality of your imagination in 3-D, while being allured to the Artistic world with thought-provoking poetry. All of the Elements, words, colors and beauty, exist in perfect Harmony in this exclusive collection. This is a must-have! Every book comes with 1 pair of 3-D glasses to view the 3-D Art.