original paintings by CHADY

Original OM Paintings by CHADY Elias

OM Paintings Philosophy

We are Royals, harmony is our essence. We always search for our origins as kings and queens. Health wealth and beauty is our journey. Perfection is our destiny. The following affirmation is the base of the artworks. I invite you to use it for your benefit.

OM Affirmation: 

I Am In Harmony

My Mind, Spirit, and Body are
governed by the Law of Harmony.
All my ways are illuminated and
guided by the Infinite Intelligence.
Health, Beauty, Love, Peace and Abundance are Mine

~ Chady Elias ~

OM Original Paintings

Certificate Of Authenticity

  • All Paintings and Artworks are signed by the artist Chady Elias.
  • Each artwork comes with a digital certificate of authenticity encrypted & secured by cryptography.
  • Our certificate of authenticity is registered internationally using blockchain technology the same technology that Bitcoin uses.

International customers are responsible for import fees due upon delivery.⁣ 


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OM | Gold Blue Red | Painting by the Visual Artist Chady Elias. This Artwork is on Dibond Board, Mixed Media, Size 24x24in.