Harmonious Presence Painting (5000 postcards)



  • Quantity:       5,000
  • Size:             4X6
  • Paper:          14pt Thick Cardstock
  • Coating:       UV – Ultra High Gloss
  • Colors:         2 Sided

The Original of this artwork. This piece is ready to be hanged on your wall to give your place a modern artistic look.


God, Divinity, The universe, and loving-kindness represented by the life force in the center, shining its brightness onto us, as well as lifting our spirits together in unity from all walks of life. Colors offer powerful healing elements by expressing emotions and strengths while allowing us to release our anxiety and fears. This painting was created as a meditational and healing instrument buy the Artist Chady Elias. To learn more about the artist go to ChadyElias.com